The 50th Anniversary Reunion

Mr. Joe, the CCS master chef, came for a visit after someone finally tracked him down through his church.  Joseph Ottley retired from CCS at the age of 80 after more than 26 years of dedicated service to the school.  We are constantly being asked by former students if Mr. Joe is still around and now we found him!

If you ask those who knew him, they would tell you that Mr. Joe was more than just the cook.  He enjoyed activities with the students and remembered going on a field trip to South Street Seaport with the graduating fifth graders — and we have pictures here to back that up.

He talked today about how the kids and the school kept him going for all those years and still, at the ripe age of 90, he’s plenty lively!  During his time, the cafeteria was on the top floor and hauling supplies up and down the steps may have helped keep him in shape, too!