Give Local Greater Waterbury and Litchfield Hills

Please “Give Local” April 20-21

More Than $20,000 in Matching Funds from Major Donors, Board and Staff Members For the last two years we have used the Give Local campaign to help support our middle school expansion and we will continue this year. However, with the impact of the pandemic, student needs go beyond adding middle school grades. What we […]

Young boy reading

A Success from Pre-K

 “This is the reason we do what we do,” agreed two pre-K staff members just this week. They were referring to Arjan, a student who started pre-K last year in September and cried throughout the first two months.  When he finally stopped crying, he would only interact with one teacher and none of his classmates. […]

Bequest is BIG News

An article that ran in the Republican-American early February was picked up by the Associated Press and spread far beyond Connecticut. It briefly tells the story of a modest CCS admirer who left a large bequest to the school. This incredible gift helps provide an answer to the school’s longterm viability and inspires the upcoming […]