Why Sponsorships are Important

In all of the basic measures of school success – attendance, behavior, and working at grade level – CCS excels. That success is attributed to a small class size, giving students lots of individual attention, and parent engagement. Everyone signs a contract at the beginning of the year that they will do their part – teachers will offer engaging lessons, students will do their best, and parents will encourage and help monitor their child’s work and reading at home – and pay the $400 to $500 tuition for the full year.

You can be a part of this success story by helping to fund important elements of the CCS experience that cannot possibly be covered with tuition. It’s also important to know that CCS receives little state or federal funding.

Most of CCS expenses are paid with income from individual donations, corporate and business sponsors, community partnerships, private grants, and in-kind donations. Community support provides these children the outstanding education they would otherwise be unable to access and is impossible to provide through the public school system because of the class sizes.

Below are some of the many ways you can contribute to the school and directly influence children’s lives.

Sponsor OpportunityDescriptionTimeframeSuggested Support
Elementary Class SponsorFollow a class from kindergarten to Gr. 56 years$30,000
($5,000 x 6 yrs)
Middle School Class SponsorFollow a class all through Gr. 6-8.3 years$22,500
($7,500 x 3 yrs)
Individual Student SponsorThe average cost of educating a student at CCS. Individual student not identified for privacy reasons.Per year$11,000
Schoolwide SponsorContributions applied where most neededFlexibleAny Amount
Keynote Speaker ConferenceSpecial Event – videoconference with featured speaker on special topicTBD$5,000
Program SponsorSee Outlines for Each Program:
● Summer Bridges
● Health & Safety – Covid-19
● Prof. Development for Teachers & Staff
● Subject Specific: (e.g., Science, Math, Art)
For the yearChoose an amount:

Newsletter SponsorProminent recognition with logo and link.Quarterly$500 each
Video Conference SponsorLogo and mention on a video conference.Monthly$500 each
Tuition AssistanceHelps offset the cost of tuition for a needy family.Full year$500