Part of the 50 Stories for 50 Years Series

Not every story at CCS is an obvious success — even we admit that, but this one will touch your heart as it did ours.  

We received a call one day from a counselor at a prison.  The counselor explained that she had been working with an inmate for several years and over that time, he had talked so much about CCS she was compelled to call.  “Who is CCS and what are you doing over there?” she asked. We explained our model of schooling and how we approach our relationship with students as one of a family.

She then told us that this inmate had shared many things with her about his childhood and she asked him more than once — “Don’t you have ANY happy memories as a child?”  “Only at CCS.” was always his response. To hear that CCS had that impact on a child was a bittersweet moment — both sad and heartwarming at the same time.