boy looking out window
What does Miguel see outside his window?
boy looking out window

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused problems for Miguel and all of the students at CCS like him.

Research has shown that students from poor urban areas will suffer the most during the pandemic. An American Action Forum study states that “school closures have a disproportionate impact on lower-income children… The pandemic is not creating these disparities but rather highlighting and worsening existing disparities.”

Your donation determines what is possible.

We will not be relying on events to raise funds, but the direct support of people like you.  Of course, without the cost of an event, a greater portion of your contribution will go directly to helping children like Miguel.  If it is more convenient, please consider giving a smaller amount with a recurring gift. Your consistent support each month helps CCS plan and budget its resources more consistently over the year.  


Whatever you do – please know that your gift helps put smiles on the faces of children like Miguel and offers a future full of possibilities.


Miguel’s Story* We have used a fictitious name and changed other facts to protect the anonymity of our students.  The story of Miguel is one that CCS frequently encounters. Read his story and those of many students at CCS.


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