CCS is Celebrating their 50th Anniversary!

Some of the stories from CCS take place outside of the classroom.  After all, the way we help children is not limited to academics. Children need to be cared for physically and emotionally, and they need stability  in their lives in order to succeed in school.

This story started several years ago with a father, Joe*, who was waiting in the carpool line and talking to a staff person about some recent personal struggles and how he was going to keep his SUV so he would have a place to sleep when his eviction was final.  His child would be able to stay at a family member’s home until he got settled in the shelter or other housing. The father-child relationship was very close and their separation was heartbreaking for them both.

Their situation was shared with the school counselor and director who got to work immediately.  Phone calls to various agencies and city offices got him first into the shelter and then helped him find an affordable apartment.  Calls to a CCS supporter resulted in a donation of furniture and household goods. School administrators were able to help him find a job and resettle him and his child.

That boy was the happiest child you could ever meet and was an outstanding student, scoring well above grade level and off the charts on reading. 

As I read the story to this father for his permission, we both tear up. These are the stories that keep teachers, staff and board members working hard every day.  (*Names and details are changed to protect the identity of the story subjects.)