CCS Director with Students


Despite the obvious challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, the past few months have been some of my most professionally enjoyable.  I was charged to lead my colleagues in dreaming about the future of CCS.  We have been dreaming, and what lies ahead for us is the process of making those dreams come true.  

In reflecting on these past months, I am struck by how central the idea of dreaming is to everything we do here at CCS.  Families send their children to CCS, dreaming of a brighter future and more opportunities.  Students engage with their peers and teachers, dreaming of the days when they are successful entrepreneurs, hard-working contractors, or well-regarded first responders.  Through education, it can be said that CCS is in the business of making dreams come true!

Having recently honored the birthday of one of America’s greatest dreamers, Martin Luther King, Jr., and as we head into Black History Month, I am reminded that we must continue to dream of a brighter future for society as a whole.  We must dream of peace and understanding; we must dream of empathy and reconciliation; we must dream a world…  

I am excited about beginning this series of posts and articles, reflecting on the work that CCS does in Greater Waterbury, and how we understand ourselves in the greater educational landscape.  I hope you will enjoy what I write, and I look forward to fruitful discussion with many of you.  It seems only fitting, however, that I give the last word in this post to one of my favorite poets, Langston Hughes:

I Dream A World

I dream a world where man

No other man will scorn,

Where love will bless the earth

And peace its paths adorn

I dream a world where all

Will know sweet freedom’s way,

Where greed no longer saps the soul

Nor avarice blights our day.

A world I dream where black or white,

Whatever race you be,

Will share the bounties of the earth

And every man is free,

Where wretchedness will hang its head

And joy, like a pearl,

Attends the needs of all mankind-

Of such I dream, my world!