Treasure Island Cover

During the 2020-21 academic year, the new 7th grade teacher, Ms. Angelina, started the year excited about creative language arts. 

What could her students do without gathering an audience, due to the COVID concerns?  She decided to draw on an entertainment approach that pre-dated even television and created a radio drama, complete with student narrators, characters, background noises and music.  

Listen to the entire broadcast:

Special thanks to Waterbury Arts & Tourism Commission for funding this project.


Ashbel Arnaud
De’Niyah Blocker
Leh’onni Days
Carolyn Escarfullery
Joele Fedeli
Royce King
Brielle Knight
Haynee Knight

Directed by: Angelina DeLorenzo
Edited by: Jackson Pryor-Bennett and Angelina DeLorenzo