While the Annual Dinner was cancelled...

the need to educate the children was not.

Our children are being taught and they are continuing to learn. However, the experience is a difficult one. There are many factors influencing a student’s success with distance learning.  We believe progress is being made, though perhaps not at the pace we prefer. Some families have limited internet access. Not every child has a tablet or laptop and need to use their parent’s mobile phone. Parents are working from home and many parents have several children, so they have limited time to supervise the children’s education. And, unfortunately, some children have had sick parents or lost family members.

Your support is what makes us strong and we now need your support more than ever. Your help will provide supplies, such as masks, thermometers and other PPE to keep everyone safe. It will fund the increased demand for social workers. It is critical to helping us transition to part-time classroom and part-time on-line learning and helping ensure all children have access to the tools they need to learn.

Your contribution without the event can have a much greater impact than an actual dinner.

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CCS is a tight community and we will get through the pandemic


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