CCS Strong

While the Annual Dinner was cancelled… the need to educate the children was not. Our children are being taught and they are continuing to learn. However, the experience is a difficult one. There are many factors influencing a student’s success with distance learning.  We believe progress is being made, though perhaps not at the pace […]

A Favorite Character from the Past

Mr. Joe, the CCS master chef, came for a visit after someone finally tracked him down through his church.  Joseph Ottley retired from CCS at the age of 80 after more than 26 years of dedicated service to the school.  We are constantly being asked by former students if Mr. Joe is still around and […]

Bequest is BIG News

An article that ran in the Republican-American early February was picked up by the Associated Press and spread far beyond Connecticut. It briefly tells the story of a modest CCS admirer who left a large bequest to the school. This incredible gift helps provide an answer to the school’s longterm viability and inspires the upcoming […]

A Popular Series

There is something magical in celebrating anniversaries. A school like CCS that has defied the odds — and whose students have defied the odds — is a treasure trove of stories.  To celebrate this anniversary throughout the year, CCS is sharing a weekly series of e-mails that it calls “50 Stories for 50 Years.”  To […]