Author: Lynn Curless

A Message from the Director

Director Notes

Despite the obvious challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, the past few months have been some of my most professionally enjoyable.  I was charged to lead my colleagues in dreaming about the future of CCS. 

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boy looking out window

Year End Giving

What does Miguel see outside his window? The Covid-19 pandemic has caused problems for Miguel and all of the students at CCS like him. Research has shown that students from poor urban areas will suffer

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A Success from Pre-K

 “This is the reason we do what we do,” agreed two pre-K staff members just this week. They were referring to Arjan, a student who started pre-K last year in September and cried throughout the

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Back to School Drive

Support Success You can be part of a live radio broadcast when you come to the school parking lot and join Tom Chute and Selim Noujaim to kick off the new school year. Join them

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Alumna Keeps Coming Back

When she finished 5th grade at CCS, Arreyion was chosen by Washington Montessori School to attend middle school there on a full scholarship with transportation.  For high school, she attended Sacred Heart High and volunteered

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