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Established in 1969 by the Sisters of Mercy, Children’s Community School (CCS) began in the basement of the Berkeley Heights Housing Project. It blossomed through the active engagement of parents and community educators who shared concerns about the obstacles confronting Waterbury's inner-city children. Gradually evolving, it transformed into the pre-kindergarten to grade 8 institution that we recognize today.

In 1979, CCS was incorporated as a nonprofit and moved to (its current residence in) the former Sacred Heart School building at 31 Wolcott Street. In 2003, a pre-kindergarten program was added. By 2019, CCS proudly celebrated its 50th anniversary, marking half a century of empowering our students with essential tools for success and cherishing their unique stories. In July of 2024, the School picked up all our history and efforts and moved to its new facility with a welcomed stage and gym at 23 John Street.

The school’s original mission remains its guiding principle today: to lay the foundation for urban students’ educational success by offering a robust curriculum and unique experiences, developing their individual character, and cultivating strong family involvement. The school primarily serves children from Waterbury whose families live at or below the federal poverty level. Most are single parents and represent a cross-section of the city’s ethnic makeup.

Aligned with its mission and community, CCS is open for extended hours and has a strong focus on character development and parent involvement. We believe that focus and the following factors contribute to the school’s on-time high school graduation rate for its students.

Committed to Transparency

Children's Community School proudly holds Candid's Gold Transparency Badge, a testament to our commitment to financial transparency, accountability, and integrity. This prestigious recognition assures our community and supporters that every donation is effectively used to further our mission of providing exceptional education and support to our students. Thank you for your continued belief in our work and for helping us achieve this milestone. 

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Class Size

Class sizes are limited to 16 students, allowing for individualized instruction and favorable student-teacher ratios.


Numerous volunteers invest thousands of hours yearly in tutoring, mentoring students, and organizing enrichment activities.


Support CCS graduates through middle school with The Mentoring Program

Music Instruction

CCS is the site of the Waterbury Symphony Orchestra’s Bravo program, which provides intensive music instruction every afternoon.

Character Development

The Character Development program is an integral part of every grade, instilling within CCS students the values of respect, self-esteem, and the art of making good decisions.

Nutritious Meals

A full-time on-site chef prepares daily nutritious meals, including breakfast and lunch, along with fruit and vegetable snacks. Outside food is discouraged.

Extended Family

The usual path for most students begins in pre-kindergarten and extends through 8th grade, fostering close-knit relationships with peers and staff that become extended family.

Summer Program

A four-week summer program helps prevent the “summer slide” typical of urban, underserved students and keeps our students actively engaged and academically stimulated.

Being More Than Just A School

Some stories from CCS unfold beyond the classroom, reflecting our holistic approach to children's well-being. This story began with Joe*, a father facing eviction, seeking refuge in his SUV. As he shared his struggles during a carpool conversation, the school counselor and director swiftly intervened. Through coordinated efforts, they secured shelter, affordable housing, and essential support. Thanks to a CCS supporter, furniture and household items were donated. The collaborative efforts of school administrators led to Joe finding employment and settling into a stable life with his child.

Despite the initial challenges, the reunited family thrived, and the child excelled academically, demonstrating the impact of our comprehensive support. These heartwarming stories inspire our dedicated team at CCS every day.

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*Names and details have been altered to preserve privacy.

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For general information and inquiries, email Secretary@ccswaterbury.org.

For information and questions regarding pre-kindergarten, email PreK@ccswaterbury.org.

To reach the Principal, email Principal@ccswaterbury.org.

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