Exploring the Impact of Children’s Community School

Welcome to the CCS Annual Report—a comprehensive overview of our achievements and progress over the past year. This report reflects our collective commitment to academic excellence and holistic development, highlighting milestones, initiatives, and the collaborative endeavors of our educators, staff, students, and community. Within these pages, discover compelling stories, statistics, and highlights that showcase our dedication to innovation and inclusivity, acknowledging the resilience of our community during challenging times. 

2021-2022 Impact and Gratitude Report

In the past year, Children’s Community School celebrated its first eighth-grade graduating class while navigating the challenges of remote learning. The school emphasizes the value of collaborative learning and individuality. The dedication of our teachers, staff, and supporters ensures a tailored educational experience for the 174 current students. Grateful for ongoing support, CCS remains committed to its mission of nurturing students' holistic development, thanking all contributors for their dedication to these children's promising futures.

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Your Support Is Invaluable

We express our gratitude to parents, students, faculty, staff, alumni, and supporters whose invaluable contributions have fueled our success. As we reflect, we look forward to the future with excitement, anticipating another year of growth, learning, and excellence. Thank you for being part of our students’ transformative journey.

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