Young boy reading

A Little Inspiration

 “This is the reason we do what we do,” agreed two pre-K staff members just this week. 

They were referring to Arjan, a student who started pre-K last year in September and cried throughout the first two months.  When he finally stopped crying, he would only interact with one teacher and none of his classmates.  It was a long warming up period for Arjan. When the pandemic shut down classes, his mother always made sure he participated in distance learning activities and reading. 

This September, he came back to school happy and confident.  He is clearly the ring leader in his co-hort.  When a new student was introduced who was in tears, much like himself the prior year, he took his classmates hand and said “it’s going to be okay.”

It is a challenge here as it is everywhere right now, but scenes like this can change your day.