CCS 2021-2022 Gratitude Report

Our 2021 – 2022 Impact & Gratitude Report is now published and can be downloaded below. Here is a small excerpt:

How fortunate we are to place the months of quarantines and online classrooms in the rear-view mirror. The take away from that entire experience has been the value we each benefit from being in the company of others, to learn from each other, to bring a broad smile that is seen by the person in the next desk over and the teacher in the aisle. In school, we share our commonalities and treasure what makes each CCS student unique.

One of many highlights of the 2021 | 2022 School year had been the eleven eighth graders who embodied our first eighth grade graduating class; The Children’s Community School Class of 2022. We are especially proud of who these CCS Graduates will continue to become as they pursue their studies in high school. Each student has returned to visit CCS or communicated with staff and it is reassuring to hear of the successful transition all have made to a new high school, making new friends, tackling new academic challenges and taking advantage of new opportunities.

That is the goal of the curriculum and focus for all the students here at CCS, to recognize their own individual talents and foster those skills to be the best they can be; not only in class, but at home with family and in their community. We recognize that we have certain limitations in our 100-year- old building and our outdoor play areas, but what is unlimited is the devotion of the teachers, staff, volunteers, mentors and donors who strive each day to help make the learning experience personalized, compelling and enjoyable for each student.

Fiscally, this past year has been compounded by the economic challenges and the increased need for financial assistance to a new variation of causes and concerns that have overwhelmed our City’s increasing demands. Children’s Community School is grateful for the kind hearted and critical support that many companies, organizations, individuals, foundations and Government agencies have continued to provide, which allows CCS to keep our students centered and prioritized.

We sustain the Mission of the Children’s Community School with your financial commitment. On behalf of our current 174 students, the most ever to grace CCS classrooms, we thank you for your dedication to these incredible children, their families and most importantly a deserving future for these students.